Stormy eerie night Be Careful



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This 10 second animation video is a great way to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  This is a one size fits all animation and was created in a 1-2 Ratio, however it does look great on most all LED Display sizes.

The pumpkin moving around on the eerie background saying BOO Happy Halloween will surly get your passersby attention.  Enjoy!

Please NOTE:

  • The sample animation video you see above is of low quality and just for a quick visual representation of the high quality animated videos you will receive.
  • The watermark (Design Your Sign shown above will not be on your downloaded product(s).
  • The Animated Video you will download will be of higher quality.  These Animated Videos will show beautifully on all DIP’s.
  • However the Animated Videos are specifically made for the high vibrancy and superior graphic capability for SMD’s.
  • The Animated Video files are for 10 seconds, you can shorten or lengthen them according to your desire within you operating software.
  • The Animated Videos do not have a boarder around them.  They will show to the edge of your LED Display/EMC   and / or (pixels) edge.
  • You will receive two files; an Animated Gif file and a MP4 file.  They will be of the same Slide.  The reason for this is to ensure that one of the files will play correctly on your LED Display.  For instance, the Animated Gif file will work on LED Editor, and the MP4 file will work on LED Studio.  However whatever operating software you are using to run your LED Display, one of these formats will work properly.
  • Please NOTE:  We do recommend you to double check with your LED Display manufacturer to make sure one of these format files will work with your specific LED Display’s operating software prior to purchasing these Slides just to be sure.


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