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Sabrina SinClaire LED Studio LED Editor LED Display Slide Content Library

Born into the Signage industry, and years in the 'trenches', Judie has a creative perspective with being able to bring old and new advertising and marketing styles together.

Embracing the EMC / LED Display signage direction from the onset, Judie has had years of experience within this exploding industry.

Realizing that there were no resources to help business owners easily and affordably learn to utilize their LED Display to the fullest potential, Judie and her Team joined their skills and knowledge and created easy to use, self paced learning courses for LED Studio and LED Editor that will quickly help you get your message effortlessly out to your shopping community.

Judie and her Creative Team will also be available to answer any questions you may have along the way too!

Your Business image is extremely important ~ and Design Your Sign PRO will help you learn the skills you need to create the image for your Business that you will be proud of.

Knowing that time is money, Judie and her Team have also created an ever growing Slide Content Library.  You can use these Slides as stand alone Slides, or edit them to get your message out better on your LED Display.

This Slide Content Library will no doubt further helping you save time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Courses do you provide?

We provide very detailed, easy to learn, self-paced learning module course for both LED Studio and LED Editor.

We take the fear out of learning and cut your learning curve, getting your LED Display up and running with happy Slides for your business and your Community.

And if you have any questions along the way, we are there to help!

Will the Slides from your Content Library fit my LED Display?

Yes, unlike many other Content Management creators, we do not believe in the 'one size fits all' when it comes to Slide creation.  Nothing looks worse than when you put a Slide on a sign and it is distorted and squished.

Therefore, we provide each Slide in five different Ratios;  3 to 5,   1 to 2,   2 to 5,   1 to 3,  and   1 to 4 Ratios.  These sizes are the most common sizes for LED Displays.

We provide videos to explain how to be sure to get the appropriate Ratio for your LED Display.  All you will need - is to know what pixel or standard measurement size your LED Display is.  With that information you will easily be able to figure out which Ratio will best suit your LED Display.

Just keep in mind that the Slides and Videos do not have to fit exactly, however making sure you get the closest Ratio for your LED Display will help make sure any text and images will show up properly.

Do I have to Register to access the LED Display Slide Content Library?

Yes.  While Registration is Free, the Slides you choose to get will have a charge associated to them.

What type of Slides do you provide?

My Team and I have spent countless hours creating:
  • Videos that are backgrounds that you can use to put your own text on,
  • Videos with Generic Text on them that you can still add your own specific information on,
  • Videos that are Generic Text that you can use right out of the gate,
  • Still Picture backgrounds that you can use to put your own text on,
  • Still Picture with Generic Text on them that you can still add your own specific information on,
  • Still Pictures that are Generic Text that you can use right out of the gate,
  • And Many PNG and Jpeg images.
  • Our Slide Content Library is ever growing so you will never run out of fresh Slides for your Customers to View!

Do you provide helpful hints?

Yes, we strive to help you create the best Slides you can, so that your Business or Organization can been seen as the professional you strive to be.  Therefore, we provide some quick tips, give you some guidelines and helpful hints along the way to help you be able to make quality Slides on your own.


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